ARTfloors ARTfloors (formerly Decoupage Floors)

The History of ARTfloors

My name is Lisa Raymer.  Originally from Texas, I now live in Portland, OR.  With an art background, I was always creating art, designing jewelry, painting furniture to sell, well, you get the idea.  So in 1990, I decided to open a small retail store in the funky warehouse district of Dallas, TX, called Deep Ellum.  I needed an improvement to the paint peeling cement floor and came up with the idea to decoupage it.  I figured if it lasted a year or so, that would be nice.  A couple of weeks after I opened the store, a major plumbing failure sent water onto the floor, several inches deep, for hours before it could be resolved.  I vacuumed the water off, set up some fans, and sat there, assuming the floor was finished.  Amazingly enough, my original decoupage floor did just fine!  I was so surprised, as were my customers, who then began to ask me to create one for them, too. 

Through the years of retail stores, I continued to do installations, as well as developed coloring techniques beyond the simple veining color I started with.  In 2006 I left the retail biz and began doing the floors full time.  Through years of trial and error, I also was able to find an easy to use, incredibly durable sealer for counter tops.  Resurfacing laminate counters was the perfect opportunity to use the Granite coloring technique I had developed.  It looks exactly like Granite, just pick the colors you'd like. 

After years of doing commercial and residential installations, I decided to create how-to videos for those wanting to do the work themselves.  Now I have 9 DIY videos, along with my professional grade Kraft paper, plus supplies for sale to DIYers everywhere.  Starting with my BASICs video, 1 hr and 40 minutes, filled with everything you need to know about creating a basic floor, you can then select any or all of my other videos as needed.  Plus, I offer the paper in rolls, strips (for Hardwood look) as well as squares to replicate a tile look.  Professional quality tools for applying your sealer are also available.

Several years ago I decided to change the name of my company/branding from Decoupage Floors to ARTfloors.  That word "decoupage" seemed to conjure images for some of a "granny craft" product.  Believe me, my techniques are anything but "granny craft"!  Some products, as well as past web presence, still refer to Decoupage Floors.  

Feel free to contact me if you have specific installation questions or wish to discuss how ARTfloors can be the amazing flooring you will ever have in your home or office.  And don't forget counter tops! 

NOTE:  My DIY videos are now available as downloads. Yeah!  But due to the slightly slower upload speeds I can get 

             where I live, it takes a bit longer to send them as a link for you to view.  Most of them download in 15 - 20 minutes, 

             but the BASICs (big one!) takes longer, like an hour-ish.  Sorry for that, but it's worth the wait!  Tons of great info 

             and tips to create amazing floors and counter tops.  In this "immediate gratification" world, I appreciate your