ARTfloors ARTfloors (formerly Decoupage Floors)

I don't have a DVD player anymore.  Are your DIY videos downloadable?  

     YES!  Now you have a choice of having a DVD shipped to you (free shipping!) or have a downloadable file sent for you to view.

     Watch it on your computer, phone, or tablet.   NOTE!  Due to the slightly slower upload speeds where I live, sending you the longest 

     video I have (the BASICs), which runs about 1 hr 40 min, takes a little over one hour for me to upload it to you.  All the others range 

     from about 15 to 30 minutes.  Sorry.  Wish they were faster but definitely worth the wait!  Thanks for your patience.  

If the main component of a decoupage surface is paper, how could that be durable?

     Once installed, the paper becomes an integral part with the adhesive and sealer.  It is the colorant layer as well as the natural radiant         barrier quality.  Once you think of it in this way, it's logical that it is durable.  In case you still don't think paper can be durable, ask us 

     about some of our older installations and how well they are still wearing!  And check out the Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, famous 

     for designing and building large structures out of paper based components.  You'll never look at paper the same way again!

Your info says the paper creates a "natural radiant barrier".  What does that mean?  
     Paper is an excellent insulator.  Even one layer of our heavy Kraft paper adjusts the surface temperature of the floor.  In the summer, 
     an ARTfloor feels cooler, in the winter, it feels warmer.  

If I damage the floor, can it be repaired?

     Yes.  Any dings or scratches can be filled, covered or recoated, depending on the damage.  This

     is a very quick process but we recommend pads on furniture legs and frequent cleaning to keep

     your floor looking great for years to come so no repairs are needed.

Is this floor slippery like tile?

     No.  The paper actually gives your foot a feeling of "traction" even though it is a smooth surface.  If

     you wanted extra traction, we can apply microbeads on the surface for a total non-skid approach.